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Hi, Michael!

What a great site you made, it's awesome. I'm a new guy here and just checking how it all works.

Got a few questions. Is there any step-by-step instruction of how I could add a label into your catalogue? I guess any change should be aproved by you so I'm not afraid to spam your site, but wanna do it properly.

For example. I kinda checked and did not find these labels. I'm not sure if I did it correctly, so I prefer you to take a look at them, it's from year 2000:

thanks for the menu on russian :)

but still wonder if the first

but still wonder if the first one- big quirol- should be a new entry?

have found #2, #3 and #5, but no #4

Good morning Llecha and

Good morning Llecha and welcome to our catalog.

Thank you for your comments and all the work and test you have done so far at this site. There is nothing you can do wrong and we don'T worry about 'spam'. We are happy to have a new collector in our group. The translation was done by Эля. And yes, she has done a very good work.

The question, what is a new labels is not really to answer. Peter - my friend in Spain - does colllect and add every small colour variant. I'm more critical and think, that in a cheap printing process the labels differe from begin and end of a role and would not collect them. So we are all different in our opinion, what is a new label.

Sometimes we delete a label again, when some collectors don't really see a difference and a label is only more used or the sun has taken away a little bit from the former shine.

The Big Quiro does look like: So I think it is not a new label.

To find a label in this catalog is not always easy and it does need some practice. For most of the labels it is indeed easy, because there are not so many variants. You can type the name in the 'table of contents' and you will finde all catalog entries, that contains that name. I use the table of contents in 95%. And then we have the search box in the upper right corner for a kind of advance search. Just type in few letters of your label and then you can filter by colour, contry, shape and so one. But this I use only in 5% of my searches.

Anyway, please add and test everything. If there are duplicate entries, we will find them and deletete them later . And if the label is new, we are all happy!


it's interesting, I do find

it's interesting, I do find it now by using 'table of contents', but the main search gives nothing- Your search yielded no results.

by the way- don't you run "label of the month/year" competitions? for the new or fresh disigned labels

I'll be more careful with

I'll be more careful with adding the stuff. If it's the same in general just small difference in years and how it looks, I won't add my variants.

Yes we hae a competition

Yes we have a competition 'label of the month'. The current results are in the FORUM tap. But so far not many collectors vote. Usually only Peter and me and someone else. I would be happy if we have more vores. We run it for all labels we found in a month, even the old ones. So it is 'most liked addition of the month'

When you click and see the 'Hall of Fame' you can select by year or country. But this results are not posted. This is the winner of 2017 with only 3 votes:

And the QUIROL label  I found with this letters:

I've not seen it before. But

I've not seen it before. But there seems to be pyramids and pyramids belong to Egypt and our Egypt expert is Žan and we should ask him ..