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Hi there, all the new members of our catalog and a warm welcome!

Just for information: If you like to say hello, here in the forum is the right place to introduce yourself. Say something about your collection or where you are from or whatever you like..


OK, this week 6 new members

OK, this week 6 new members and last month 13 new members. No one likes to say hello ..

This catalog is to build up a community of collectors. We are only a few collectors, because collecting banana labels is not quite common. We want to know who is using the catalog. We like to know who you are, where you from and eveything what you know about our hobby and the labels you have found in your country. And please be active: Like labels, verify labels, add labels, comment a label, have labels in your collection and offer duplicates for trade. Or write articles.

If there is a question, please let me know.