Reorg Catalog Entries

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To add or change labels is getting slow. It is because so far we can change the catalog entry by a piclist. But in the meantime, we have got now more than 3500 catalog entries. To provide the in a "select list" couses many traffic and data collection.

So we have to split it up. The suggestion is, to start with the first letter of a brand, like you can see it at Becky's website. It does not change anything for you, if you search for brands or just add a label to an existing brand. It will look exactly the same as ever. Only if you like to change the catalog entry, add a second catalog entry or create a new catalog entry, then you should start with the "catalog entry" of the first letter of the brand name.

To add a new hierarchy for each existing catalog entry (brand) and put it below the first letter of the brand name, is a manual task. So it will take a while, of yourse you can help. If you see for example all labels of a catalog entry, you can also EDIT the catalog entry and add the new hierarchy instead of the <root> level.

Any questions?