Geotagging Banana Farms

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In the article section are Google Maps of CR, COL, EC and Autralia. Some of the packing stations & banana farms are added.

Maybe it is a good idea to know where the packing stations are. Then we can ask for labels when we do our holidays in one of this countries. What do you think, it is a good idea? What can we do to get it complete? Is Google Maps easy to use for you, do you know how to add new landmarks or move existing landmarks to the right position?

In Google Map the layers are limited. So we do have to split it up and - from my point of view - can not build up one single world map with all the thousands packing station (compare the DOLE Farmnumbers). What do you suggest, a map for each country? I can remove this articles from the article section and can build up an own section with our geotaggings of the world, so they are easy to find.

Any comment is welcome.