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I can't get how it works in general.

When I join this exchange page I see this

This are all labels Bondarenko would like to get from you. Check the tradelist of Bondarenko what you like to get in exchange.

it offers me to check Bondarenko's copies, but when I click his name it just leads me back to HIS wishlist. So how can I see his exchange fund?

And I see no communication system, how should I contact him? via email?

And several other questions.

Can I see my collection somewhere here, i.e. all the labels I marked as 'got it'?

Can I see others' collections?


Bondarenko does also request

Bondarenko does also request labels from me, but he has nothing offer for trade. That means he has no tradelist at the trade tap. You can contact a collector by e-mail which you find in the forum tap (community) or by the chat window when your future tradepartner is online. And - because it is a small community - we know most of the names at FB and write a message. In the next years, you will get in contract with most collectors of this website ...

So when you like to get a label from someone of the trade list at the trade tap, just change the "✘" to "✔". That's it. And be aware, so far you are offering (only) 7 labels at your own tradelist. That is a quite short list that makes a trade difficult ...

And yes, you can see all your labels at the trade page at the INFORMATION page or at the home page under ACTIVITY


oh, thanks, got it

oh, thanks, got it

I don't put my duplicates in since I don't know what I want to get in exchange. And I don't have too many in general, maybe 50 or so

BTW, this is a reaction I got

BTW, this is a reaction I got yesterday from also a new collector at this website:

"I'm very happy,  since I joined this site I do many trade with many people,  I find new friends and increase my collection too. Thank you Michael"

There is nothing to add ..