The Catalog

We have now merged all known collections into one catalog of banana labels. Magnificent collections from our collectors Becky, Elvis, Erich, Gerri, John, Josef, Leee, Luis, Michael, Nico, Pablo, Patricio, Peter and many, many others. Here you will find now in total 31,000 different labels starting in 1913 with the AFC Tiko Kamerun. The table of contents has got 4,420 brands and there are more than 7,020 catalog pages. We show very rare labels that are nowhere else published: Alonso, Balea, Galapagos, Jacko, Meloripe or Super Lala Banana. All treasures are gathered here. Supported by the best and fastes search engines an online catalog can provide.

To create the Catalog of Banana Labels was a very extensive work and cost money. To build up the technical environment, hosts the IT, get some advice how to build up an online catalog, apply some programming and to scan the collection from John & Leee in LA, I payed about 4,000€ to 5,000€ so far. And to build up the website  - I would guess - it was about 1,500 hours of work in own programming and testing. To scan, compare, merge, put the new labels online and to replace pictures in low quality, it takes me an other 1,500 hours of work. And I was not alone in doing this work. Many collectors helped to build up the catalog. First of all Peter. So lets say, the catalog of banana labels needed so far more or less 4,500€ and about 6,000 hours of work. This catalog is close to our hearts. This you can only do, if you love the hobby of collecting banana labels and our community.

How to continue? The most important aspect is to keep the catalog up to date. About 150 to 250 new labels are issued each month. The second aspect is to increase constanty the quality of the catalog and replace picturs in low quality with perfect scans in 300dpi and a discreet banana-yellow background paper. This we are doing together, don't leave us alone with this task. We are friends with the same hobby and take great care of the common catalog of banana labels. This catalog is the basis. It is like the Brockhaus, Michel Stamp Catalog or a Wiki of our hobby. Concentrated knowledge. There has never been existed a larger stock of banana labels. And it is the best place to trade the banana labels you have found in your country and build up long relationships with collectors all over the world. So, the third aspect is: Do many balanced trades with the help of the brilliand trade function of this catalog.

It is important that you help and that you are active in all the work that need to be done. Doing nothing is not an option. Do some exercises if you need to improve your skills in scanning banana labels and align them for our catalog. So far no master has fallen from the sky. This is the place where we collectors come to gether, pooling our knowledge, bundling positive energy and working for a common cause. Verify the labels. 'like' them or give a funny comment. We stop making sense and are happy about it.



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Aug 2019


Let us hope that your words

Let us hope that these words do not fall on deaf ears , and others begin to help. I still believe that there should be an annual fee for using this site.
With the amount of collectors now the cost to each member would not be large and Micheal would not be out of pocket. What do others think?

Collecting banana labels is

Collecting banana labels is my 3rd hobby.
I have written dozens of catalogs in my life and I know what this job is!
The authors will never be reimbursed the costs of time and money.

It is a tax for their activity - work for others.

The online catalog is a young technology and allows for unprecedented.
Few who value this possibility and basically despise the work of others.

It's a shame!