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That banana you might be having for breakfast is probably a Cavendish, the most widely available variety of one of the world’s most popular fruits. But a deadly fungus is on the march, and the Cavendish’s lack of genetic diversity is raising fears of a possible “bananapocalypse.”

What Are Banana Leaves?

The banana plant is not a tree but the largest known herbaceous flowering plant. The banana leaf consists of the center stalk (petiole) and the blades on either side. The blades have "front" and "back" sides; the "front" side is more glossy than the "back". Mature banana leaves grow to a length of more than two meters.

Banana Facts

Banana Facts
Banana is one of the oldest cultivated plants. They are native to tropical South and Southeast Asia. That’s where the gene center is and, hence, the greatest genetic diversity of wild banana. Sampling that diversity is crucial for future improvement of the crop.

Die Bananensorten und der PLU Code

Derzeit kennt man ca. 400 Bananensorten. Die Sorte, die man davon mit höchster Warscheinlichkeit im Supermarkt findet, ist die Cavendish. Um die vielen Früchte in den Supermärtken auseinander zu halten und das Produkt an der Kasse zu identifizieren, wurde 1990 der Price Look Up Code eingeführt.

Dole packaging to feature more Disney characters

Dole Food Co. is featuring “Beauty and the Beast” characters on its bananas, pineapples and salads through April 16.  The promotion is timed with the movie’s release, which is set for March 17, according to a news release.