Unordered list of requirements that is maintained for the catalog of bananalabels.

  1. E-Mail notification if someone wishes to trade
  2. Other shapes (2 instead of 4 ovals, something new with the taps)
  3. Check Spanish translation
  4. Lightbox to compare pictures of bananalabels (and own scans)
  5. The "I have it" button is clicked to fast, the collector do not recognice if a new variant is uploaded. So at least the "I have it" button should be removed from the "New Entries" pages.
  6. A new function to merge two banana labels (SCB: Nouvelle Génération)
  7. Own test environment (Aquia)
  8. Test: Adaptive Image Styles (AIS) w/performance
  9. Shorter and better URL for the own tradelist
  10. Chaptcha for Website Feedback
  11. Article: Statistics, Balanced trades
  12. Reorg: Enano, Katopé



  • Reorg: Fairtrade, One, Quirola
  • Usergrouop: "Premium Member" added
  • Privacy Policy added
  • EU Cookie Compliance added
  • Remove 'Content complete' because the migrated content is now complete
  • Translation into Russia
  • Translation into Low Saxon
  • Different colour codes for verified / unverified year of issues
  • Differ the frame of a label, depending on its material (platic, paper, foil, ..): Solved with an icon below the picture
  • New view to show similar designs or "Twins" (i.e. TOCO = TICO)
  • The REQUES- and WANTLIST are sorted by last date when a label is added to the list. The most current activities are at the top.
  • New Symbol for Plastic, Tin and Metal Foil in the catalog entries added
  • Added an contact formular to get in contact with the webmaster
  • Show the number duplicates a the trade page as first information
  • Update all old images in poor quality
  • Install the module to use tokens in menu (to use the name in the user account, so the user does see if he is logged in)
  • Changed the headlines of all pages so they mach the menu structure. So the user does see that the content fits to his click.
  • Reduce the number of labels from 50 down to 20 of most of the pages. It took too much time to load all the pictures on mobile devices.
  • The first lines at each page are reduced a bit. On mobile devises they took 1/2 of the screen.
  • New Search for "text on label" at the Homepage. For new users it is much easier to find labels. I guess only expierenced user search by index. We will see ...
  • Remove some filtercriterias and use the "contextual filter". For example the tradelist, catalog, etc. This views are now able to used only when you click on a name of a tradepartner. This makes the views more clean and easy to use
  • Put the "information" websites in a secondary menu structure and display instead the Tradelist / Table of Contents
  • New text format for the "Text on Label" to display the line break used in the edit mode.
  • Language swiths / Language Selection: URL on top
  • Check and update german translations
  • Simplify some views with contextual filters instad if user filter
  • Responsive Grid Views for the new entries, 5 to verify and like
  • Display of special characters (e.g. &) is sometimes wrong (Pratt's: Savid)
  • SEARCH with hierarchy of motifes. So you can find "2 Bananas" also in facet "bananas".
  • The flag "I want it" is set back when "I have it" is clicked.
  • A view with updated banana labels and collector who changed it is added to the catalog tap
  • List of own duplicates is including an URL to post to users, that are not registered at the catalog
  • Index added to the gallery
  • Optimize the DB and removed a lot of unused tabels. For cache, index, reversions, etc. Now down from 1,6 GB to 500MB.
  • Install Modul DB Optimazion to check the SQL-too-many-users error (cach_form)
  • The "Wishlist" must have a second parameter not only to the banana labels but also to a tradeparter. That means a collector does like to have a bananan label but only from a sepecific tradepartner
  • Reorg label type
  • Harmonize REJECTED and FRAUD: See Turbana green label
  • Omit it: Labels of the tradelist can be omit, if someone does not need them (misprint, wrappers, variants, ...) to reduce he amout of labels.
  • 1:1 Want- and requestlist implemented. The collector can now specifiy from who he like to get a duplicate banana label
  • Apple Touch Icons added
  • Gallery changed to see all uploaded pictures at once
  • New field in the "Duplicates from" of a single label: "I want this label: "
  • E-Mailaddresses of all members filtered by country name
  • Reorg catalog entries and add a substructure with alphabet letters.
  • Brand classification with an icon in the table of contents. This does help to see, what the purpose of a brand is (supermarket, farm, certification, ...)
  • The Country of a collector is added to his name
  • Rate comments now with thumbs up instad of heards
  • Review View for labels without a catalog entry
  • Remove CSS to hide error messages
  • At each label: Undecided verification
  • At each label: Likes of the collectors
  • Error in TS-Magazines fixed
  • Chat included
  • New View: Who is online?
  • The view with the number of labels a tradepartner has got is now linked with the trade list itself.
  • New CSS Class Handwriting to use in Comments
  • New view to review the material
  • Show the individual votings of LIKI IT to all other collectors
  • The bullets of lists are now in orange. Cool.
  • Omit the verifications of collectors when label type is promotion (no banana label) or documentation.
  • Many changes in the layout (heart vs. stars, backgroundcolor, headlines, ...)
  • A vew with the individual verifications of a collector
  • A view is added in the forum with labels having a low filling level in the description
  • Total number of brands added to the table of contents
  • A view is added in the forum with labels in poor quality that someone should update
  • A description is added to the motif at the statistic page.
  • We have now 220 different motives and that should be enough. Admins permissions are required to change it.
  • The collection of a tradepartner can be shown. From the list of how many labels a collector does have, is a link to the entire collection.
  • Motif in a hierarchical order and with a small icon
  • New statistic page with the motives of a label
  • Search for colors: Select colors by AND instad of OR
  • New statistic page with information about the used colors of our banana labels
  • The list of all tradable labels of a collector are sorted now by the date/time, when the label is added to this list. The old sort criteria was by entrancedate of the label in the catalog.
  • Finding own catalog entries:
  • New county "EL Salvador" added
  • Flipbook with all labels of the month in the article section
  • Labels of last month:
  • Changing the text format for comments at the front page (CR is now <p>)
  • Adding a new "post date filter" to "Like Bananalabels" to see the most liked labels of a month
  • Measure node completion module (completion of the description)
  • Country flags added to all other countries statistic pages (verify, likes)
  • Catalog entries showing country flag
  • Country statistic with flags
  • List of uploaded banana labels is sorted by recent activity- So the collector with thte latest upload is on the top of the list
  • A view to all labels a collector has got from a specific tradepartner. Only available for user role "Collector" having the ability of "Personal Catalog Information"
  • A "Thank you" list with the entries of the tradepartners and number of labels of the personal catalog information
  • Second Opinion. A new list in the Catalog menue of collectors with dubious labels, that are verified by other collectors
  • All comments on the level "Catalog Entry" are now with the lens to allow a direct reply or update.
  • Author of the uploaded label added in the details
  • Split magazines and Gerri's catalog in two menu entries
  • Adding all new entries (400 pages) of Gerri's catalog
  • View with all flipbooks in menu entry "Article"
  • Flip books for the old magazines from Leee, Kathie, John S., ...
  • Flipbook realised, many magazins have to be converted in PDF
  • Number of all duplicates of all collectors is added to the tradepage
  • New View to check the own verification: List where the own verification differ from other collectors
  • Upload Chiquita PreCure
  • There is now an own BEST OF (most liked) list of banana labels in the statistic menu
  • Some experiments with Photoshop to enhance the pictures
  • The collectors who doubt labels to be bananalabels are published
  • New URL: 
  • Sitemap and XML Sitemape included
  • More colors. Getting rid of grey.
  • Updating the German translation of all views
  • Using the Drupal module i18n-views for storing translations in views
  • Reduce the CSS file by 1/3
  • Unflag a label of the wantlist after 100 days: => 
  • New format of the comments: 'Like it' and bubble display
  • Change "Add Catalog Entry, Add Bananalabel, Add Gallery" from a link to a button
  • Contact Dole and ask them to complete their farmnumbers
  • Adding all shapes  to the labels
  • Bananalabels with some mous-over effects
  • Comments of a bananalabel are also shown in it's catalog entry
  • Dole: Visit my Farm! with a link frpm the farmnumber to the Dole page
  • Including Charts: Monthly growth
  • Catalog menu appears when editing the documentation book
  • Update the documentation
  • Requestlist
  • Wishlist
  • Printing the size of the label when expanding it
  • More views to rate "best labels" of a country
  • Using a "Handwriting" font for comments
  • Different display type for mobile for articles and the two columns
  • Satistik: How much are the labels liked of a country
  • Use the colo RED to identify labels a collector does not have. So when you see an catalog entry you can see all labels you do not have quite quicker
  • Classify labels to be "Knockoffs". That are labels that are from a banana but seems to be a fraud, that means not from the original brand
  • Different picture for arcticle "Adding Bananalabels". Not a generiy one, but something related to the catalog.
  • All tables: Distance of search fields and table: 3em
  • Buitify the "Create Label" formular
  • Headline of search filters is too big. The owner / certifications too
  • Tradelist with aditional filter on catalog entry
  • Display "Labels I can offer" in a set of 5 x 5 labels instead of the list
  • Solving the 5px problem with Panels. Solved by moving it away from the left border.
  • "Details" link renamend in "view"
  • More "Call to Action" elements at the front page: Verify and Like added
  • A REJECTED as an picture overlay of banana labels marked with "misprint or fake".
  • Filter "Review Year of Issue" by year of issue
  • Removing the border of the shape pictures
  • Buitify the "Check yxz" Views. They do not fit the screen.
  • "Impressum" without the <li> dot
  • Optimize keywords, Google Ads
  • Understands Web Analytics


Last modified: 

Sep 2018