Special Trade Labels

Special Trade Labels

We have now the SPECIAL TRADE flag if we like to talk about the compensation. Is this good or not? I do not have much feedback from you as usual. What is your opinion? Peter said that this is not the best solution and we should separate the special trade labels from the other duplicates. But what do the others think? Each day 20 collectors are online and about 20 collectors check anonymous. Are you all not able to say what you think even if you are asked to give feedback? Do you think what I ask is stupid?

Down to business: An other idea to improve the trades is to publish a explicit number of labels you would like to get in exchange. For example you can say, I trade this BAVEA label for 250 new labels. So we have in the database of our duplicates a new field with the number of new labels we like to get in exchange. Instead of a field for a number, also a new field with a select list could be possible. For example

  • 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233
  • ...

The advantage of a 'select list' that there are not too many values possible it is much easier to finde a balanced trade. The problem could be for example that one gives a number 14 and the other one for his duplicate the number 15, so what do to? So having only few possible number can help and it is more likely that both trade partners will click the 13.

The next idea is to publish the addition of this values of all labels in a list. When we click on the labels we like to get from a trade partner (want-list) the computer can add all numberes and gives you a hint how much labels you must offer in exchange. At the end the want list and the request list should have the same value.

To improve the balanced trades we have got now 6 ideas:

  1. No further information about special trade labels like we had it in the beginning of our hobby where we have send photocopies of our duplicates
  2. With the SPECIAL TRADE flag to indicate labels that are more expensive
  3. Spearate the special trade labels in a second list of duplicates, because the collectors who like to get the labes do not realy care about this flag
  4. Add a explicit conversion rate to each label manually. This by a field to type in the number
  5. Add a explicit conversion rate to each label manually, This by a select list with given values.
  6. Add a conversion rate with the heard points ♠ that the catalog is calculating given on the data the catalog has got. This idea is described in more detail in a separate article you will find here in the article section.
  7. ...

What is the best solution? Is solution number 4 an idea to replace the Special Trade flag? Please give feedback! This is here the right place to talk about our hobby. You not need to be quite.

One other aspect is the implementation. So let us think a little bit about the solution 5 that I would preferre. I guess when 67 collectors who have got an own trade list here at the catalog should update the 'compensation value' then this is a lot to do and it will never be complete. So I would suggest to have a comitee of experienced collectors who decide the compensation value about each label and put it in the database like we do it for the colours, the text or the shape. The comitee that is allowed to change the value is the group with the permission 'monitor data quality'.  I guess this way we have quite quick a trade value for each of our 15,500 labels that are available for trade.



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Well, it is a difficult

Well, it is a difficult question. In my case, I would never trade a SPECIAL label against hundreds of recent labels. I prefer the QUALITY to the QUANTITY. So, I would be always ready for a trade of "gems against gems". I was thinking about deleting my SPECIAL TRADERS from the duplicates list, because I always have some collectors, who make a checkmark on these labels, without considering that I want something special in trade for these labels. The result is, that you have to explain this, and some collectors seem to be disappointed.

I have included only a few labels as SPECIAL traders, and I have some more I didn't show, because I wanted to see other collectors reactions. That is why I proposed to make a separated list for the special traders, and discuss the possible trade with the interested collector via eMail on a private basis.

To trade GEMs:GEMS is the

To trade GEMs:GEMs is the idea behind solution #5. I'm pretty sure when we say 233 label for this one than it will only works if also the other one has got something very special to trade. The reason is, I do like to see the GEMs here and I also have the problem of long discusssions. Last time I tried to argue why I do not like to trade a MACONDO with someone who does not offer a single old label ...

I think peter has the right

I think peter has the right idea. A separate list for specials. But me must not go down the line of putting a money value on the labels otherwise E Bay will be awash with them. Lets remember that a label obtained from an outlet in a far off place is a gem to those who collect rare or not.
All labels in my collection are special to me.

I fully support Peter's idea

I fully support Peter's idea of creating a separate list for vintage stickers. However, among modern stickers, too, there are rare, for example, in a printing house or stickers with a limited edition. Such stickers can not be put on an equal footing with the old stickers, but to exchange them for some ordinary, boring stickers also do not really want. It seems to me that for old stickers it is necessary to apply Peter's idea, and for rare, but modern-idea No. 6 from article.

I'm new to this site ...

I'm new to this site ...

Not everyone shows the whole exchange. I also have rare labels, but only 1x and there are many collectors - interested.
 I also stopped publishing duplicates.

But the offers are not always the same ....
For a big collector, any older label that he doesn't have is rare.

I know of one bad exchange - for 50 labels sent one "big collector" back in exchange sent only 6 labels - not rare labels - without explanation. This is certainly not right. This must not be changed!
It is clear that my relationship with such a collector ends!

I sent scans of rare labels to the "big collector" so that he - "big collector" - could choose for himself.
But to this day I have no answer ... Neither offer ...
Okay. I change then elsewhere!

 I make private lists of much wanted - rare - labels. Several collectors from overseas agreed to this and we are changing to the satisfaction of everyone.
The "big collectors" are therefore out to their great harm.