The Catalog Cost Money Each Month

We are talking now many month about how to share the cost and how to keep the catalog up to date. I have many positive reactions about the catalog and many collectors are adding their labels and trade. But there are so far only 4 collectors who help in the cost and there is still a financial gap of 520€ each year.

Of course not everybody can spend money. For example I do not take money from students or collectors doing a hard underpaid job at the banana farms. And - of course - not everybody is able to help in updating the catalog because of the foreign language.

But if you have got an own income, then (30€ to) 50€ each year could be fair. You participate at the cost that really exists. The catalog is very extensive and with the search functions informativ and helpful to keep the overview. The trade function with the 15,500 duplicates is brilliant and also the function to maintain the own collection and the private trade history. And when you help in the cost, you will be a premium member and will have additional content with magazines and statistic.

To repeat it: This website is NOT for free but cost money each month. If you not want to help in the cost or not help to keep the catalog up tp date, then this is an unfair use of our resources. You will be quite likely blocked to use the catalog.



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Oct 2019


How much should I pay? How

How much should I pay? How much €?
To what account?
Is a PayPal account? - I can send...

I understand the cost, it is necessary to participate.

The catalog is UNDERSTANDING and UNIQUE !!

We are now 11 premium Members

Update: We are now 11 premium members which is a very good result, when collectors help in the cost. John K., Martin S and Barbara are added.Thank you!