Turbana: Discover my Origin

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Brand Classification: 

  • Banana Company

Farmnumbers in Colombia

  • 0000937362
  • 0000937381
  • 0001209840
  • 000458599
  • 0042209230
  • 0044482836
  • 0044482979
  • 0052136436
  • 0077569157
  • 0096471002


October 2017


October 2017


Ferrin (2020-04-12)

Each label is an original. Does anyone have this kind of title twice with the same number?

I have these numbers:
0000213425, ...3384, ....3987, ....4167,
0056917501, ...66555.

michael (2017-10-31)

The QR code refers the farm number. You can test it with your smartphone and will get direct information about the banana farm.

bertieboy (2017-10-31)

Is the QR code the same as the 10 numbers under the bar code. or are all labels numbered separately?

michael (2017-10-30)

At their website there are only about 9 farms of Turbana in Colombia. So may be it is not such a huge set like the "Dole Visit my Farm"

michael (2017-10-29)

The QR code is for the farm number, In this case "Santa Marta Fabio" in Uraba, Colombia. Puhh, again many, many new labels?

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