Banana Fair: 2008, Japan

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October 2017


October 2017
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Michael (2017-06-07)

Shohei Okabe has got a proof picture, that the 3 "Banana Fair 2008" are used on bananas. You can see some pictures of the fair in the gallery.

Michael (2017-03-04)

Hi Bert, for me is the process of designing banana labels also very interesting. The visual designer Elmar Lixenfeld - for example - was here in Frankfurt at my home and he has shown me the steps toward the funny DOLCE & BANANA label and the classic blue EXCELBAN. You can seen some of his ideas in our gallery. This is hard work.

Some of us collectors have also personal promos, for example Joan's fantastic ANNIES BANANIES or Beate's sets of LA BANANA. For me they are worth to document even if the have never been used on banana. And I really like the work of banana label designer like Elmar Lixenfeld, Tierra Grande or Kazushige Sugano. Our banana labels are not born at the banana but in the head of designers.

All this design studies are in the last section "NO BANANA LABELS" of this catalog. They have not a prominent position in our catalog where labels are shown that we have found on bananas. So why not to keep some of the ideas documented, just because they are ideas and at the beginning of the process that leads to our hobby?

bertieboy (2017-03-04)

I hope our hobby does not get like stamp collecting, when items are never intended to go on letters or in our case Bananas.It will spoil the fun of hunting Or am I alone?

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