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January 2017


December 2017


lavabb (2019-01-12)

Ok, I found out. The slogan դուխով (pronounced "dukhОv") actually means "bravely". This is the slogan of the Armenian so-called "velvet revolution" of last year. On the sticker is a portrait of the leader of this revolution, Nikol Pashinyan. This is an example how this image is now molded everywhere in Armenia, even on bananas.

lavabb (2019-01-12)

here is Facebook's hashtag
Maybe it make something more clear about origin of the label

lavabb (2019-01-11)

This is a banana label of the Armenian company "ArmEc Trading" (its stickers there are already in Catalog), which imports bananas to Armenia from Ecuador. The inscription “դուխով” on the forehead in Armenian means something like “let's dance” or “with dance”. I have no idea about the sense of this inscription.
Web links of the company could be seen here:

zantrost (2019-01-10)

Probably armenian.

bertieboy (2019-01-10)


PETER NIESSEN (2019-01-10)

Can't read what is written on the forehead.

michael (2018-11-23)

I read "Trading Group", but I don't think it is overwritten. The color code of this text line of the brand is green and I guess it is rather a bad choice of a dark green colour.

PETER NIESSEN (2018-11-23)

I was meaning to compare the text with the other blue label.

michael (2018-11-22)

Well, I think the big difference is that this label is blue and the other one is white. So the text beneath ARMEC is not really important if the two labels completly differ in colors

PETER NIESSEN (2018-11-22)

What about the text beneath ARMEC? It seems, like it has been overprinted. Compare with the other ARMEC label.

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