Afrikanische Frucht Compagnie (AFC)

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In Hamburg, the fresh fruit trade has a long standing tradition. Since the beginning of the last century Afrikanische Frucht-Compagnie GmbH (AFC) has been part of that history as one of the few pioneers of the European banana market.

In the 1920s AFC established its position with its own reefer vessels and the introduction of trademark bananas to nearly all European markets. In those days AFC had its own plantations in Cameroon where stable, fair and sincere business relationships with retailers and producers were founded. During the late 1950s, after an intermediate involvement in Liberia, AFC continued to establish the same solid business connections with experienced producers in the best banana growing areas in Latin America; since 1968 under the new brand name of 'ONKEL TUCA'.


Bananenernte in Kamerun im Jahre 1934


Deutsche Kamerun Bananen



May 2016


February 2018
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Nick (2016-11-20)

@ Michael:

Thank you very much for summarizing and neatly organizing all the infos related to the AFC brand in one article.

Michael (2016-11-20)

This brand has got now an own article where all the fantastic information from Nick is summarized.

Michael (2016-10-12)

Yes, probably right: Figo Bananas PLU 3170 (

Michael (2016-10-11)

This is an old label from 1930 and has got a wonderful embossisng on the back.

What I have heard: Feigen (=Figs) Bananas are dried bananas and came in a box from cameroon, because it was that time nearly impossible to ship fresh bananas this long way. In the box of the dried bananas was this label as a promotion.

There is a picture of a fig-box in the gallery:

PETER NIESSEN (2016-10-11)

Figo banana, that is the name in Brazil for a sort of bananas. So, this bananas are sold not only dried. Maybe they are (or have been) the most suitable banas for drying. In our collections are some FIGO BANANA labels.

Nick (2016-05-01)

This label was not really used on bananas but as a seal on letters for promotional reasons.

Michael (2016-05-01)

Wow. What an introduction!

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