Sweet Peel

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  • Banana Company


February 2016
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michael (2017-12-26)

And BTW some background information about logos: The SWEET PEEL is for sure not a font, but a complete "vector graphic". There is no chance to forget a letter. The only way to hide a single letter is to add a new layer in background color above the graphic.

bertieboy (2017-12-21)

Your comments are sound and I now agree FAKE!!

michael (2017-12-21)

I don't think so. This is not a misprint. The "l" - usually below the "t" - is intentionally removed in this print. But sure, this fake / joke (?) refers to SWEET PEEL.

Even if this is a misprint, I guess no one would be allowed to stick it on a banana to sell it somewhere in a supermarket. A reputational damage would be too big.

For me, this is not a banana label, but a joke from someone in EC.

bertieboy (2017-12-20)

Could this be a misprint of Sweet Peel?

michael (2017-12-20)

I would say this is a fake label

PETER NIESSEN (2017-09-11)

Straight sides. The green is as light as the other labels

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