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January 2018
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PETER NIESSEN (2018-03-17)

Today I noticed a difference between both labels with the size 28 x 47. The word GABACERAS is printed in a different size, and the "R" is different (straight and round "foot")

PETER NIESSEN (2016-02-01)

New version of PAPER

bertieboy (2015-10-24)

Put me on the naughty chair.
I was wrong, mine is28mm x47mm as well
Will get new ruler, sorry

PETER NIESSEN (2015-10-23)

Bert: found this label last week, but the size is different to yours. Mine is 28mm x 47mm. I believe your size is not correct. please check.

Michael (2015-10-10)

So, this is now the huge one ..

Michael (2015-10-10)

OK, I have found it. It is a monster label 44mm x 67mm. However this one has got the size 28mm x 42mm. This is a different one and I upload now your's.

So I thought yours is a packlabel and packlabels I do not collect. It was in the box with all the other banana staff. Now I insert it into the collection!

PETER NIESSEN (2015-10-09)

Michael, I am pretty sure, I sent one of these to you!! I have been wondering, why you didn't upload it.

Michael (2015-10-09)

Cool. The best thing is, not Peter. He does only find Plantano de Canarias.

bertieboy (2015-10-09)

I found in Spain this week

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