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August 2019


michael (2019-08-12)

With this labels we have to take care. They are generic and are on many different fruits. We really need a 'verify it' of someone who as seen them also on bananas.

michael (2018-06-09)

Yes Sir, thank you very much!

bertieboy (2018-06-08)

That better

michael (2018-06-08)

uhh, what a scan. Why don't you show the label complete?

bertieboy (2018-06-04)

Paper and orange instead of yellow

PETER NIESSEN (2016-11-17)

I found this kind of labels (from other years as well) on the bananas from Martinique/Guadeloupe. I never saw them on other bananas. So, I would put it together with the M/G family.

Michael (2016-11-16)

So far we have this label "stand a lone" in catalog entry SAVEUR. Is this right, that means we have to put some other SAVEUR certifications into this catalog entry or does this label rather belong to an other brand? What do you think?

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