Keep the Catalog up to date

Action is required

To keep the catalog up to date is a lot of work. Some of us help in this task, because they know that a common catalog of all know banana labels is absolutly necessary. Having now more then 32,000 labels it needs such a place to maintain the huge collection area.

The 1:1 Trade meets the Trade Value

The End of the 1:1 Trade

Once upon a time, in the age before the internet, I started collecting banana labels. I always thought I'm alone in the world and keept nearly no labels to trade from the bananas I've eaten. But I did.This labels are my SPECIAL TRADE labels and real gems. Now, due the internet I found many, many collectors and like to trade.

What is a Trade Value?

Trade Value

So many individual aspects and background knowledge about single labels have to be concidered to answer the question: What do I get for a 'Chiquita Challange One Leg Stand' that I just found in the supermarked in exchange? But one thing should be clear, it is quite likeley not a 'Bavea'.

Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything

What is a label worth? From my point of view, it is 0€ but many heard points. Let us take for the heard points the symbol ♠. A Chiquita-Minion or a Dole-Visit-My-Farm  has got very few heard points ♠ and a Bavea many ♠.

How to force Gem:Gem

We like to get the labels we like. And there are many labels we like. With each trade we try to get a maximum number of labels and of course the old ones must be included. This is the current situation: The active collectors with very huge collections and big trade lists aks for new label from collectors with a small tradelist.