The Catalog

We have now merged all known collections into one catalog of banana labels. Magnificent collections from our collectors Becky, Elvis, Erich, Gerri, John, Josef, Leee, Luis, Michael, Nico, Pablo, Patricio, Peter and many, many others. Here you will find now in total 31,000 different labels starting in 1913 with the AFC Tiko Kamerun.

Technical Background of the BLC

We have 31,637 labels shown by 39,420 pictures (JPG) that takes 3,07GB of data. They are assigned to 4,415 brands and are very well organized in 7,020 catalog entries ("catalog pages") to separate the sets. One important aspect is to maintain the common catalog in our group of collectors and to offer labels for exchange.

Happy Birthday Catalog

In this days our catalog of banana labels is 5 years old. It started end of 2013 in LA where we had a convention and talked about how we can continue the work of Gerri Lorenzo. In the beginning of 2014 Peter has invited me to Spain and I had a book about a content management system in my luggage about how to building up a website.

John's collection is included in the catalog

Without any doubt, the collection from John is the largest collection of banana labels in the world. And it is very well organized in 16 folders. This collection is now included in the catalog. That means all banana labes are scanned and compared with the existing ones of our catalog. It was a very time consuming and expencive work.

Permissions at BLC

Permissions to work with the catalog

The catalog of banana labels (BLC) provides many functions. You can add new labels, update and sort the catalog entries, offer your duplicates or maintain your own collection. Every of this function has got links in the menue, additional tabs or there are some buttons to click.