Feedback to our Catalog

In this article we collect some quotes and reactions we have found at FB or WhatsApp. This positiv words help us in building up the catalog. We enjoy this feedback very much of course. I want to highlight, that in the mean time, the catalog is updated by many, many collectors and what we build up here, is the result of our common work. So this is not only a reaction of the work of Peter and me but of our great community of collectors of banana labels. This is great fun.

Diego Junes Vasquez / 2019-07
Excellent contribution dear Michael. It should be noted that thanks to this catalog it has allowed me to find and meet new collectors with incredible labels for my collection. And this from my point of view is very important to keep in mind for the effort of both yours and Peter.

Klement Cepon / 2019-07
WOW! Great job Michael! Didn’t know about the project. Well done and of course, many thanks!

Sam Winters /2019-07
Gerri would be so proud! Great job Michael!

Bert Davis / 2019-07
You have done us all a favour by doing this great work. Thank you!!

Kenneth Perez Chinchilla / 2019-07
Excelente y hermoso

Barbara Piazza / 2019-08
I use it so much and it help me to encrease my collection

Guillermo Montes Arce / 2019-11
Everything is ok


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Nov 2019