Magnit: Leaves 45mm

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  • Supermarket

Set of 2 labels. The first 2 sets came with the other two Ba!gati cat labeks and are here added for information


June 2021


October 2021


michael (2021-07-06)

The labels from the supermarket Магнит are produced by MELINA. Picture of the banana box is added.

llecha (2021-06-05)

There're four different leafs. 2 white and 2 yellow. Hope someone adds yellow ones too soon

Alex (2021-05-29)

@PETER NIESSEN: All 4 types of stickers (44 mm wide) were found in one box with Ba!Gato stickers in the Magnet store. On each branch there was one leaf and 1 sticker with a cat.

PETER NIESSEN (2021-05-24)

@Ilecha: Ba!Gato has issued two of these labels as well. Check out the catalog entry for Ba!Gato

llecha (2021-05-24)

I've seen banana boxes with this teg, but they have no these labels on the bananas. They contain baigato cats instead

PETER NIESSEN (2021-04-22)

The "M" stands for Магнит" ("magnit"-magnet) which is a supermarket chain.

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