Rewe: Red Labels

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  • Supermarket


March 2019


July 2020


michael (2020-06-29)

Found this one today on bananas at supermarket REWE. There has been many, many D1 labels but only this single misprint in the whole display without the black QR code.

Jiranek (2020-06-08)

Dimension19 / 57mm M6

michael (2020-06-08)

Glad you have seen it! Wow! I guess what I have found will be a rare misprint.

Jiranek (2020-06-07)

There is a label "C7 # 1O in the catalog

michael (2019-08-19)

@Alex: I added your label to this one. For me it is the same label, only the red differ due to the scanners or the sun ...

PETER NIESSEN (2019-07-11)

@Bert: you are right. I changed it to Rewe Pro Planet

bertieboy (2019-07-11)

Wrong entry?

mazo4033 (2019-07-09)

These are banana labels, I believe, but the photo needs to be changed (as michael said).

michael (2019-06-24)

OK, first add from you Thomas, but what should I say:

  • Size 2mm x 5mm?
  • Catalog entry of Baccota and not REWE?
  • 2 labels in one picture? Have you ever seen this in this catalog? Because we like to 'trade it' or to 'have it' we always have only one label at a picture!
  • Very incomplete text. Only a fragment.
  • With only RED a very incomplete description of the colours? Do you not see the WHITE or BLUE colour, why only RED?
  • Tilted pictures. Not suitable for reading.
  • You also created a catalog entry 'tho.'. I do not know what this is good for and guess it was only for test. But then delete it by yourself (I have done it now for you.

Why this low quality when adding labels? Today I have seen the additions from Thomas, František and Barbara. All of them need some rework. Why are you doing this? It is not cool.

michael (2019-04-15)

Found today in Frankfurt on bananas

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