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Next week (14th to 20th of februray) I will change the tradelist (request, want it, etc).

In future you will ask a specific collector to trade a banana label, so the trades are more a 1:1 thing. As you know, at the moment it is solved that you "I want it" a label and the systems does show you all collectors offering this label for trade. This is in the mean time not a good solution, because sometimes many collectors are informed, that you like to get a label and none of them does really know, from who you like to get the label.

So the old lists (request, want it, etc) will be deleted next week and replaced by the new function. The underlying function "I have it" and "I trade it" is not changed. It is only about the funktion "I want it". And this is an information, that is reset after 60 days anyway. You will enjoy it, because each collector does exact know, which label to put in the envelope.


The labels you like are now

The labels you like are now assigned to a tradepartner. You see the REQUESTLIST if a collector does like to get labels from you. This collector does ask for this labels ONLY from you. In the tradelist of a collector, you can click on the box, if you like to get a label from this collector. You can also filter there by WANT IT, to see all labels you like to get from this collector. This labels the other collector does see in his REQUESTLIST.

The old tradelist does still exist, until the flags expires (60 days):