Easy access to manager's request/trade lists

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Can it be done to get a link to the managers' trade list from his reuqest page. And back, request link on trade page.

I mean if someone wanna exchange with me I can see his request list. But to visit his trade list I have to make several manipulations, I can't join it from his request page easily.

So to get the link named 'visit XXX's trade list' would be nice.



or maybe there's an easy way I have not found yet


in fact to have his mail

in fact to have his mail address somewhere near would be nice too, maybe another link to his page with the email

it takes some time to me to find all the info I need

Yes. it is possible. It is

Yes. it is possible. It is rather an issue for new collectors, but important to help. If you have done the first trade with someone who does request labels from you the contact and the tradelist are well known ...

What do the other collectors think about this topic?