Challenge: Mexico - Dark Blue Banana Figure

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Brand Classification: 

  • Banana Company


August 2019


August 2019


michael (2019-08-31)

You can now, thank you.

Leonardo Brito (2019-08-31)

I wish I could add new tags to the catalog but I don't have the permissions.

michael (2019-08-30)


To explain the situation: each morning I check FB, WhatsApp and my e-mails where I usually have many labels of collecotors with 'new' labels and I check what could be new for the catalog. This are too much labels each day. Please bear in mind, we have about 200 to 400 new labels each month and each label is send to me several times. So I have to check nearly 1000 labels each month.

The much better solution is if you all add the labels and the community decides if this is a variat and I have to do nothing then drink beer and releax. It is still to much work for me to play the Admin for everybodey. Please learn to add new labels at this site !!!

michael (2019-08-30)

@Peter: As usual your are 100% right and I'm wrong. We have got two sets from MX. It is not a difference between thick / thin but of blue / black (or what ever). I will upload the other one later (because I have the scan), and thank you very much!

P.S: I've also added the DOCU of the two sets of what I have (and thought it is the same set)

PETER NIESSEN (2019-08-30)

@Michael: I do not agree. As far as I heard, the sets were printed in different places. I think, that the difference is relevant, to not upload both sets to the catalog

On some labels there are color differences, and the Font size is different. Please check the docu image.

michael (2019-08-26)

There exist a variant where the blue lines of the banana figure are more thick. But to be honest: This would be for me an example of the same label beeing printed first and at last of the same production. So no variant.

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