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Fyffes is an Irish fruit and fresh produce company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Its Fyffes brand is most closely associated with the banana industry, although it is applied to a wide range of fruits, including the Fyffes Gold Pineapples and Fyffes melons.

Fyffes is primarily involved in the production, procurement, shipping, ripening, distribution and marketing of bananas, pineapples and melons. Fyffes currently markets fruit in Europe and the United States, primarily under the Fyffes and Turbana brands.

Fyffes is an old fruit brand dating back to 1929, when the blue label was used on bananas for the first time. Fyffes also import melons. The range covers melon types such as Galia, cantaloupe, charentais, watermelon, piel de sapo and yellow honeydew. The melons are sourced from Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

The Fyffes Group ripening facility in Basingstoke is the largest in Europe and is able to accommodate 117,000 boxes (or over 2,100 tonnes) of bananas at any one time. The company formerly operated its own fleet of ships, known as Fyffes Line.


August 2018
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