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We like to get the labels we like. And there are many labels we like. With each trade we try to get a maximum number of labels and of course the old ones must be included. This is the current situation: The active collectors with very huge collections and big trade lists aks for new label from collectors with a small tradelist. In general this are new labels just right out of the supermarked. The collectors with the small tradelist think: Wow, he does like to get labels from me and choose from the huge tradelist. Too often this kind of trades are not balanced. The collectors with small trade list asks for quite the best labels they can find in the huge list and the other way round the collectors with huge trade list do find nothing equal in exchange in the small trade list. And then - in the negotiation - one part plays the card: "It's you, who wanted to have labels from me." And the collectors with the huge trade list sucks.

When I, me and myself are talking about a solution, then I think we should add a 'trade value' at each label, that suggest to trade only labels with the same trade value 1:1. If you ask for a label with a higher trade value then you have to offer more labels with a lower trade value to compensate it. The message will be: "If you like to have this old label, then you have to offer 500 new labels in exchange. Better you offer also an old label ". Please bear always in mind: The collectors having old labels like to trade it only in compensation with an other old label. So the number of new labels you have to offer for an old label will be very, very almost unrealistic high. This way we can force to trade more likely gems vs. gems, which is in the interest of the collectors having old labels to offer.

Quite likely the trade value of all our 31,000 labels will not be correct in the beginning. But it is a start and I'm pretty sure the computer will decide in principle correct. You can follow the suggestion of the computer programm or not, you decide. But at least you know, the computer thinks the trade is not in the right balance and you have the option to adjust your 'whish list'. And, the collectors with the huge trade lists have a second opinion that can help in the discussion how much generous he likes to be this time again.

This all we are doing, because the old and rare labels we like to have. So we must protect the collectors who can offer few of the gems. The advantage will be that we can offer the old and rare labels at this page and do not have a hidden process.

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авг 2019


It is easy!

It is easy!

The value should be determined from demand.
There are 100 collectors and 200 labels ... = value is 0 because there is no interest.
There is 1 label, collectors are 100 ... = value is 100.

This catalog follows "I don't have it" - this indicates the value of the label.
Can these values (collectors have this label) appear on the label?

No complicated conversion every year ...