Many pictures in low quality are replaced

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Hi friends,

the pictures of our labels from the beginning of the internet in very low quality are almost replaced. Only few labels are left, i.e. the labels in neon color, that my new cheap scanner is not able to reproduce and some of the boring "DOLE-Visit my Farm". I guess about 12,000 labels are updated the last 2 years and are now shown in our catalog in best quality.

So it should be easy to compare the existing labels of the catalog with your labels at home. We like to have the catalog of banana labels complete.

What can you do:

  • Please compare your labels with the labels of the catalog and add labels to the catalog we do not have so far.
  • If you find pictures of our labels in low quality, please replace them with pictures in better quality (i.e. 300dpi).
  • Verify labels to be banana labels and give your opinion about dubious labels in the section of dubious labels.
  • Give feedback to the website and table on contents so we have an easy to use and well organized catalog of all known banana labels

Any questions? Please ask!
Have fun