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We have now a chat at this catalog for registred users. You find the COLLECTORS you can chat with when you click on the button with the chat symbol at the bottom right hand corner.

  • Registered user can see who is online and can chat 1:1 in a privat or public room.
  • If you want not to chat you can click "offline" or "busy"
  • If the window is to small, resize it to what you need
  • Talk about trades, new findings or how to make this catalog more simply.

Have fun!


But I think 1 is bad.

But I think 1 is bad. Yesterday one collector send to me a message and I can't look it again and send answer.

Yes Olgierd, when the other

Yes Olgierd, when the other collector is offline again the chat is deleted. This does work as designed and not similar to Facebook. The chat is only possible, when both parties are online ...