Fyffes: Semicircle & Country Name

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Brand Classification: 

  • Banana Company

From following countries

  • Belize
  • Brazil
  • Cameroun
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Côte d'Ivoire
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Panamá
  • Suriname
  • Windwards


Agosto 2018


bertieboy (2020-07-07)

Country font smaller, found this week in Belfast

PETER NIESSEN (2020-05-22)

Orange semicircle

michael (2019-11-02)

@Claus: I moved your label to this one from Peter.

I guess only your scanners differ or the way you store the labels. Peter does remove the glue and the labels look fresh. You can use the 'flip' function to compare the labels and you will see, they are exacctly the same. Please do add a 'colour variant' only if it differs clear.

Claus V. (2019-11-01)

and an almost orange semicircle

Claus V. (2019-10-31)

Costa Rica is longer

bertieboy (2019-09-09)

The label I downloaded is plastic, now it has been removed including comment. Is there a reason?

michael (2019-09-09)

@Bert: I added your picture to this one. Photoshop says there is no difference :-)

PETER NIESSEN (2019-06-17)

Royal blue + bright yellow

llecha (2018-03-27)

On one hand I agree with you, it's a bit different. On the other it's getting hard to try to find something going through all these slightly different variants of the same label.

Would be nice to have a clear criteria where is just a small tweak of the same label and where is a major difference that can be considered as a real new label.

Different text- yes, but more/less bold or a bit different colour(s)- I'm not sure

PETER NIESSEN (2018-03-26)

For me, there is a clear difference between both labels. "ECUADOR" is printed in a thick font, and on thre other in a fine font. Besides this difference, the position of "ECUADOR" is different with wider and narrow gap wit the "Y" of Fyffes.

llecha (2018-03-26)

got a similar one from 2017

lavabb (2018-01-04)

Dear Michael,
There is no need to reformat and correct old entries in the catalog, to collect and enter additional information about the brands, companies and countries of location of these companies.
A possible technical solution may be to add (if possible) new fields to the description of each entry in the "catalog". I already wrote above what fields could it be.

Let them be empty. Over time, they will gradually fill up. For some companies it is already possible to discuss and use available information to fill in and it will be possible to check how it might look and how it will work

michael (2018-01-04)

I understand your point very well and we should probably spend more work in gathering information about companies and their brands. I add a forum entry to continue it (because the discussion is not related to the FYFFES label). Before we find a technical solution I would like to know what exactly we (you) like to build up.

lavabb (2018-01-03)

Michael, you write:
"So you agree to assign the label to the country where the banana is from and do the second distinction of the brand (company)"
It is a mistake to assign the label to the country where the banana is from
On my opinion it'll be better if in catalog will be following classifications:
"Brand: "
"Company - brand owner: "
"Country of company location: "
"Company web-resources: "
"Country of banana origin: "
In this case description of stickers will be exact and complete enough, on my opinion.

michael (2018-01-03)

Yes, Leonid. That's the point. So you agree to assign the label to the country where the banana is from and do a second different classification of the brand (company) ?

And - BTW - I really like this discussions. I'd wish more collectors questioning the catalog. Thank you very much!

lavabb (2018-01-03)

This is a very transparent case.
On this label is the brand "Fyffes" which belongs to the Irish company. It is absolutely not important for the collector of labels who and how owns this company and who, how and where printed this stickers. The company "Fyffes" sells bananas produced in "Suriname" under its own brand through its international marketing network (for example, in Germany or in the Netherlands).
The label and brand belong to the company "Fyffes", the country: Ireland.
Similarly, the brand "ArmEc" belongs to the company "ArmEc", the country: Armenia and, finally,
brand "ARTES" and appropriate stickers belong to the company "SPC, SoyuzProdContract", country: Russia

bertieboy (2018-01-01)

Clear as a bell.

michael (2018-01-01)

Let's continue the discussion about ArmEc at this label.

FYFFES is an Irish company that belongs to SUNITOMO located in Japan. The banana is from Suriname and lets assume the label is found in Germany and Netherland (target marked). It is most likely that the label is also produced in Suriname but in this example let us say, it is printed in Brasil and delivered to a banana farm in Suriname.

What do we document at the banana label and what do we like to document at the brand / catalog entry? Ireland, Japan, Suriname, Germany + Netherland or Brasil? All of it or a subset?

So far we document Suriname as the country of origin at this banana label and optionally add a description about the company Fyffes at the catalog entry. Following this logic we put Ecuador to the ArmEc label mentioned below and describe in the catalog entry the brand as an Armenian company.

Is everybody happy with this solution?

Claus V. (2017-10-23)

Particularly lighter than the existing one -I have them both

bertieboy (2017-09-10)


bertieboy (2017-06-26)

It is not the scanner. When held against others it is clear that it is a dark blue.
Did not notice the font, well done.

Michael (2017-06-26)

All our scanners are working different. We should not take into account slight color deviations? However, the font is different, for example at the 'ff'.

bertieboy (2017-06-26)


PETER NIESSEN (2017-04-03)

Wider font for "Colombia"

PETER NIESSEN (2017-04-02)

27mm wide, instead of 26mm

bertieboy (2016-11-05)

Better scan
Note - above the E

Becky (2016-08-21)

It's French :)

bertieboy (2016-08-21)

Has any one noticed Cameroun is wrong spelling?

bertieboy (2016-08-19)

Much smaller font for country

bertieboy (2016-08-07)

At the end of panama the - above a is missing

bertieboy (2016-03-17)

Note. Larger label and - missing above e in Mexico

bertieboy (2015-12-24)

Damaged but another new country to look for.
Found this week in South of England

bertieboy (2015-11-21)

Small font on country name, found today.

PETER NIESSEN (2015-11-14)

White square on bottom

Michael (2015-10-31)

Found today in Hamburg

Michael (2015-10-28)


Michael (2015-06-24)

Thank you. Moved to "Fyffes: Semicircle"

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