Del Monte: Classic with Letter

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  • Banana Company


June 2016


March 2017


PETER NIESSEN (2018-10-30)

Chiquita used the V code for Ivory Coast. But I don't know, if Del Monte used it the same way.
For example, The N stood for Canarias at Chiquita, but Del Monte used the N for Cameroon (I have seen the boxes in France).
So, not sure about th V code.

michael (2018-10-29)

Does someone knows the Del Monte code of 'V' ?

PETER NIESSEN (2016-11-29)

NON cursive "Quality"

Michael (2016-02-08)

Metal foil

Michael (2015-11-13)

OK. I added it in the article about the country codes. Everybody with the user role EDITOR can edit articles.

And I see, you really like color variants.

PETER NIESSEN (2015-11-12)

Found this label very often in France. The box says: CAMEROON. So, Del Monte uses the N boxcode for Cameroon.

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