Krav: AB Banan Kompaniet

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Brand Classification: 

  • Banana Company

Im Jahr 1909 wurde „The Banana Company AB“ vom Norweger Carl Mathiessen in Göteborg gegründet. Bald änderte man den Namen in „AB Banan-Kompaniet“ (Aktiengesellschaft Bananen-Kompanie), was schwedischer kl

AB Banankompaniets turnover dropped to 23% of earlier times as sweden joined the EU in 1995. EU subsidise Bananas from the canarian Islands and the French overseas Islands and heavily tax other bananas coming in the EU. For this reason they changed strategy and began to import organic bananas in 1996 all from Dominican Repoublic. This lasted just two years until 1998 when AB Banankompaniet was bought by Dole. I have therefore relabelled the year of issue to 1996 or 1998 on all KRAV AB Banankompaniet sstickers. Claus V.



July 2015


October 2019


Claus V. (2021-04-06)

translation: Jamaica bananas, Fruit and food, But they must be ripe

Claus V. (2021-04-06)

I have come acrosss this very old label from AB Banancompaniet from the '30ties when they imported Fyffes bananas. AB Banancompaniet have a museum in harbour area in Stockholm

Michael (2015-07-25)

Many of this labels are filed under AB Banan-Kompaniet. But the Krav certification is quite prominent compared with the brand. Where do we want to have this labels? Together or separate? It is probably the same with - for example - Chiquita labels and a certification of the Rainforest Alliance.

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