All Good: 2015 - People in Banana Biz (Set of 8)

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  • Banana Company


March 2015


August 2019


Michael (2015-06-15)

This is the plastic set: 8

Laurence (2015-06-15)

Hello all, could somebody tell me how many labels containes the plastic set (24 x 40 mm)?

Michael (2015-06-10)

Yes please. The free catalog entry for you is renamed to "All Good: Set II (Paper)".

bertieboy (2015-06-09)

my copies of this set are 38mm x 23mm in paper

Michael (2015-06-09)

This one here is 39mm (close to 40mm) x 24mm AND is plastic. It was my fault to type in "Paper". So we are missing in the catalog the smaller "paper variant" 38mm x23 mm?

bertieboy (2015-06-08)

The plastic labels are 4cm x2.4cm making the portraits a lot larger

Michael (2015-06-08)

Is this set worth to upload it as a 3rd set? I just created a catalog entry "Set II / plastic", would you like to use it?

bertieboy (2015-06-07)

This 2nd set was also issued on plastic and portraits slightly larger.

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