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July 2019


Becky (2019-10-14)

Peter is correct. There were promo sets distributed by Chiquita that were never used on bananas. Several collectors, myself included, have these promo sets. I do not have it on my site. But labels absolutely did appear on bananas as well. Gerri was confused about that for several years but also came to understand that this is the case. I have had a small end of a roll as well. The labels on the roll were all the same, similar to the Minnesota Vikings roll that you show.

PETER NIESSEN (2019-10-04)

I believe, the sheet that you mean, was a sort of promo gift from Chiquita. It makes no sense, to use the those labels to put them on bananas. So, in my opinion, there must have existed rolls for the packing sheds.

michael (2019-10-04)

I got a picture of a role with this label. What do we know about it? I thougth this labels came all together on one sheet.

Michael (2015-05-05)

The "Chiquita NFL Sticker" article by Leee Overmann added to the catalog entry.

Michael (2015-04-23)

no idea ...

bananalinda (2015-04-23)

Is this from the sets that were on bananas? or from the sets that you could mail order?

bananalinda (2015-04-23)

Is this label from the sets that were on bananas? Or from the sets that you could mail order?

Becky (2015-01-31)

The Boston Patriots became the New England Patriots in 1971.

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