Bonita: Design in Blue & White

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Brand Classification: 

  • Banana Company


April 2016


michael (2019-07-14)

With a ① instead of ®

michael (2019-02-12)

Because our EC friends have contact to print shops. This one is quite likely not delivered to any packing station. So it is something like a trial.

bertieboy (2019-02-12)

Why not? PLU 4011 is bananas

michael (2019-02-12)

Quite likely not used on bananas

michael (2018-11-04)

This one is realy new. Glad you found it.

Claus V. (2018-11-03)

Must be a mistake that the small (19x23mm) bonita ecuador #4011 is not already inthe catalogue. Havwnt I looked thoroughly enough?

michael (2018-09-24)

A label all of us most likely find in the own duplicates. Glad you have seen the difference!

Laurence (2018-09-22)

blue line under sunrays

PETER NIESSEN (2018-06-03)

TM, instead of ®

PETER NIESSEN (2018-06-03)

Lighter blue,
smaller PLU,
yes, it's true.

michael (2018-04-23)

@Alex: You have verified some of the dubious metal label with 5 checkmarks. That means you are 100% sure they have been used on bananas. Is that right? Or do you mean rather it could be a banana label (4✓) or you do not have information if this metal label are used (3✓) on bananas?

Michael (2017-05-22)

Found today in Frankfurt

PETER NIESSEN (2017-04-26)

Note the different sequence of the bundles of sunrays: 3-3-3-3-3....

PETER NIESSEN (2017-04-26)

Note the different sunrays. The blue lines are always 3, instead of changing between 3 and 4 on the most other labels.

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