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This website is about collecting banana labels in a group of people around the world. We like to see new labels and available copys to trade. We want to have a high quality of our collection and verified labels. Sometimes we have a question or like to add a comment to a specific label.

What Logo's Color Says About A Company

When it comes to identifying a brand, the logo is probably the first thing a customer will think of. The implications of color’s effect on people’s emotions are far reaching, and understanding the customers’ connections to certain colors could increase the effectiveness of company’s branding methods.

Do you want to trade?

There are plenty trade lists of bananalabels on many webpages and it is very difficult to find them in the WWW or at Facebook. It is also annoying to click through hundreds of pictures, to consider again and again they are already in the collection.

Multiple Price and Quality Levels

For many years the Fred Meyer supermarket chain the Northwest (Oregon and Washington) did the same with Chiquita bananas. Regular Chiquita with the blue label were placed right next to lower priced Consul bananas. At this same chain, I once found regular Dole bananas, and right next to them were lower priced Cabana bananas.

Scanning Banana Labels

We like to have wonderful pictures of our labels in the catalog. However, it is more important to document a new variant and have at least one acceptable picture than waiting always for better ones. To get wonderful pictures of a label, you should scan them with a scanner and not take a picture with a camera.