Laser labels for sustainable banana production

Compagnie Fruitière labels its "SCB Naturally Labelled Organic Bananas" using a method to durably label fresh produce, replacing paper labels. The eco-friendly technique involves applying an indelible mark directly onto the banana peel. Using the light of a high-definition laser, this results in only light localised pressure on the outer layer of the skin.

The exhibitor has also developed an integrated crop protection strategy to preserve the sustainability of its banana production. Based on flexible, GPS-controlled and extremely manoeuvrable spraying drones, it enables targeted control of plantation edges and young banana plantations for optimised crop protection.

For more information:
Julien Sallé
Compagnie Fruitière
Hall 5.2, Booth D-09
Tel: + 33 4 9110 1710


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Jan 2018