Keep the Catalog up to date

Action is required

To keep the catalog up to date is a lot of work. Some of us help in this task, because they know that a common catalog of all know banana labels is absolutly necessary. Having now more then 32,000 labels it needs such a place to maintain the huge collection area. Without this catalog we will loose the overview and we will forget what has been found in the world some years ago. Because the catalog is a kind of Wiki and we use it to trade banana labels, there are some important quality and design aspects. The data must be correct and the catalog should look nice to have fun to work with it.

Lets consider the following three examples, where we have to spend time and experience:

  • To compare the labels at the computer screen at home or at the smartphone requires best pictures. Showing white labels on a white background is not a good idea. It does also not look nice when the background paper of the labels differ and some are using red, blue or black paper. So please use a yellow background paper and scan the labels with 300dpi. If possible, do not take fotos but use a scanner.
  • There is only one instance of a label in the catalog. Showing the same label several times in the catalog is very confusing. It requires to take great care when adding a label and you have to double check, if it is really new. Especially for the Aisan labels where you can not read the brand name, please use the search function.
  • Maybe high quality is a typical german aspect, but complete and correct data when building up a catalog should not be ignored. So please check the year of issue, text field, country of origin and all other fields so we can find the label by the search function and have correct statistics.

This work needs a lot of time and can only be done in our community of collectors. This will not work when only few collectors are doing nearly all the work. This would be an unfair use of their ressources and will detoriate the mood for further work at the catalog. It is not acceptable, when collectors use the catalog only for their own advantage, but do not help at all.

There are so far three kinds of collectors using this extensive catalog for their hobby:

  1. Collectors who help with time and money. They are adding labels in high quality, correct wrong data, verify the labels they have found and give from time to time a funny comment.
  2. Collectors who try to help, but the results are problematic. For example when they doubt labels to be banana labels just because they click the wrong buttons or adding redundant labels in the wrong catalog entry with incomplete data.
  3. Collectors who do almost nothing at all and use the catalog only for personal purpose without giving anything back to the community or the collectors, that do all the work.

To the collectors of group 3: When you have time to visit the catalog often, you also have time to verify and like the 5 labels at the front page. I would expect an informative comment from time to time. There is no reason not to correct data or not to add a new label you have found. When you are not doing it, but visit the catalog often, then you will quite likely be blocked one day. The catalog cost money and a lot of time and I do not give it away for free or your personal entertainment. If you are blocked and like to visit the catalog again, please send me an e-mail to discuss how we can proceed.

To the collectors of group 2: Please learn how to use the catalog and ask often. To search, add and verify labels is basic knowledge. At this catalog no mistake need to be permanet, you can easely correct your data at any time. I would expect that you try to be better the next time and it should be clear, that moving to group 1 is not an option. In case of doubt be slow and concider the feedback we give. When using this catalog for your hobby it includes to keep in up to date with your help. Please give me feedback, when you have an idea to reduce complexity.

To the collectors of group 1: You are the backbone of this catalog. Please continue and help the collectors of the other two groups to come into the maintanance of this catalog.

To sum it up: This catalog is for an active community of collectors of banana label. It cost money and time to keep everything up to date and it should be clear that support is expected when using the catalog. No master has fallen from the sky, so mistakes are allowed. But please increase your experience each time you are visiting the catalog. We all like to have a complete catalog with verified banana labels that we can use for our hobby.



Last modified: 

Oct 2019