John's collection is included in the catalog

Without any doubt, the collection from John is the largest collection of banana labels in the world. And it is very well organized in 16 folders. This collection is now included in the catalog. That means all banana labes are scanned and compared with the existing ones of our catalog. It was a very time consuming and expencive work.

There was the flight to LA and it took one week time to scan the 16 folders page by page. I worked from very early in the morning to late at night: 3015 scans plus 598 pages of the collection from Leee Overman. At each page there are about 10 to16 banana labels. So I guess I have scanned 40,000 banana labels. Each of this labels I've compared with the catalog and have added the missing ones. This took me one year time and I've checked in average 10 pages each day.

In the result, we have now a catalog of banana labels that is quite complete and does show the labels in best quality. I really like to thank John to allow me to stay one week at his home and to include his collection into our catalog of banana labels! Without his support we would not know so many wonderful labels from all over the world he has collected in many, many years. Thank you John to share your collection!


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Jul 2019