Happy Birthday Catalog

In this days our catalog of banana labels is 5 years old. It started end of 2013 in LA where we had a convention and talked about how we can continue the work of Gerri Lorenzo. In the beginning of 2014 Peter has invited me to Spain and I had a book about a content management system in my luggage about how to building up a website. We discussed how a common catalog could look like.

In July 2014 I started with the implementation and migration of the THE.RIEHL.COLLECTION. Peter and Bill Martz where the first friendly user in August 2014 and gave birth to the catalog of banana labels. Since then I had many, many meetings in all over the world to get the collectors and the collections together at this place. I think this was quite successfull and we have joined all important and huge collections at our common catalog of banana labels. Many thanks goes to John in the United States, Elvis & Stiven in Ecuador and Luis & Pablo in Costa Rica.

We are really a great community and I enjoy the work at our common catalog. We have now more than 200 registered users from 35 different countries. 27 collectors are adding their labels to the catalog of banana labels. We have got now 30,075 different labels separated in 7,020 catalog entries of 4,407 different brands. The labels are verified by 97,832 votes of our experienced collectors. 66 collectors are offering their duplicates and in total 15,228 different labels are available for trade.

I would say, this is a fantastic story and we can be proud of what we have build up. Many thanks to all the collectors who contribute the catalog of banana labels in any way.


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Aug 2019