The 1:1 Trade meets the Trade Value

The End of the 1:1 Trade

Once upon a time, in the age before the internet, I started collecting banana labels. I always thought I'm alone in the world and keept nearly no labels to trade from the bananas I've eaten. But I did.This labels are my SPECIAL TRADE labels and real gems. Now, due the internet I found many, many collectors and like to trade. I'm happy to trade my few old labels in exchange with other gems and so I'm offering the labels in the trade list of the catalog. But many collectors do not know or do not care about the specialety of some labels and ask me to send it in exchange for a label form the role or a new one just right out of the supermarket. Annoying discussions are the consequence.

For me the question about a balanced trade is answered. The answer is a TRADE VALUE of a banana label. So our trades should still have the same number of labels but they also need to have the same trade value. The open question is, how do we build up the trade value in the catalog and accept it in our trades? What do we do if we have an old label found here many years ago and now a complete role of it appears in CR? Any ideas?



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Sep 2019