100 million Chiquita bananas wear Pink

Chiquita bananas get a distinctive pink stickers. Initiated the campaign to mark the World Breast Cancer month of October for the organization Pink Ribbon Germany, Chiquita said. Along with the RTL presenter Eva Imhof back Chiquita and Pink Ribbon Germany the issue of breast cancer screening in the public eye.

From the second half of October, 100 million Chiquita bananas get a specially created pink stickers that combines the brand languages Chiquita and the organization Pink Ribbon Germany, whose symbol is the familiar pink ribbon, worldwide. And he shall draw attention to a sensitive issue that affects everyone - and not just in October, with around 70,000 new cases each year breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in Germany.
As one of the most popular fruits in Germany, the banana is a faithful companion of young and old and for years consumed almost every day in a variety of forms. Reason for Chiquita to launch a major action to life: "We are present in almost every household in the fruit basket, this is a good opportunity to raise awareness of breast cancer and Pink Ribbon Germany. For us, it is a personal matter and we are happy to present our brand presence in the second half of October available, "said Marc Speidel, Director of Sales and Market Coordination for North Europe. The company not only donates a considerable sum to the organization Pink Ribbon Germany, one of the most prominent organizations around breast cancer and early detection. In addition, Chiquita his long range commercially available. "Thus, we are talking to the general population - and in the best case, we motivate them to active prevention," adds Speidel.

get help Chiquita and Pink Ribbon Germany by RTL presenter Eva Imhof. A successful career woman and mother, she knows the importance of vitality and health in everyday life. Among other things, a healthy, balanced diet rich in vitamins play a key role. "Breast cancer affects us all. It is in the western states, the most common and most dangerous form of cancer in women. Through early detection the chances of recovery increase. That's why prevention is important. For that I would like to sensitize women and motivate, "Eva Imhof emphasized its support.

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Oct 2017